Amphitrite in Greek mythology is a sea goddess, she’s the ocean that extends over the world, and the wife of Poseidon.

‘Amphi’ means ‘omnipresent’, 'Trite' can be translated as 'third', so this Goddess’s name is 'the omnipresent third'.

It’s a reference to the third element; water and the sea, which comprise the earth.

Poet Ovidius described in his writings Amphitrite as the primordial sea.

According to legend, Poseidon chose her to be his wife, but she refused and fled. Poseidon then sent a dolphin after her, which brought her back. After the consummation of the marriage, he rewarded the dolphin by turning it into a constellation and placed it in the sky.

What I mean to say while creating this piece of art:

In the mountain scenery called life, we all go through adventures that are way out of our comfort zone, the true challenging times, even life changing choices.

How we face these times is up to us; we can choose to hold on to the old, the familiar, and to try to stay where we are.

Or we can decide to face whatever is in front of us, to take a run-up, jump with full force, and dive deep into the open sea.

The speed we built up takes us deep, since we don’t hold ourselves back anymore. And at the same time, it gives us full force to go uphill to the top again. This way, what’s in front of us, we will also get behind us.

Once we experience the depth of life, we can enjoy it double when we are back on the top of our life.

The question is; how deep do you dare to go?